10% guaranteed profit or your money back

Wexford vs Galway this weekend

Rory Jacob to score more than 2.5 points - 6/5 (Paddy Powers)
Rory Jacob to score less than 2.5 points - evens (Ladbrokes)


:clap: :clap:

Ah lovely, good shout Mac.

Just on the thread title… is it 20% profit or your money back guaranteed or else 10% guaranteed profit?

Would it not be 20% profit?

If you bet on both outcomes with say €100 each (€200 in total) you’re max payout would be €220 or you min payout would be €200.

That’s where I got 10% from. It would be 20% if you did the 6/5 bet in isolation.

I’m guaranteeing a 10% profit and if I fail you’ll get your money back :stuck_out_tongue:

You are of course correct Mac. Don’t know where cluaindiuic got his figures from.

Ok, fair enough.

There is no way to guarantee 10% out of that bet though, right?
You basically have free insurance on a 6/5 bet.

Yeah, but it doesn’t sound as good when you put it that way :slight_smile:


I’d treat the bets as seperate. One bet will yield 20% and the other will not.

Was just thinking the same. Good tip off though Mac, thanks.

My bad.
If Rory Jacob to score less than 2.5 points (Ladbrokes) was 6/5 we really could have a field day.

How much money would it take to influence a market like this?

Like if we got a few people to bet on Rory Jacob to score more than 2.5 points on Ladbrokes could we do enough to shift the price of the market to give us the 6/5 that would result in the guaranteed profit and the hammer on it.

Is there anything illegal about doing that?

Nothing illegal about it at all but it would raise eyebrows when a normally illiquid market has more money traded on it than the entire GAA book for the weekend! I wouldn’t say it’ll take a lot but with prices that short it would take a huge amount of work to lock in a small guaranteed profit.

Not at all. There is nothing really illegal when it comes to placing bets, but it’s if you then try to influence the outcome of the event that you have bet on where the legalities come into play.

Who would you get to put money on at Evens when it’s 6/5 over at paddypower though?

Fucking ladbrokes won’t let me deposit from my phone.


this is a good site for stuff like this

The thread title could also read 4.76% GUARANTEED profit.

I’m surprised the self-styled king of the Dutch bet isn’t all over this to be honest.

If say, given €100 stake money you place €47.62 @ 6/5 and €52.38 @ Evens then you are GUARANTEED a return of €104.76 no matter what happens, leaving a GUARANTEED profit of €4.76 per hundred placed, so there is a GUARANTEED element to it if you wish.


Hand over the crown NCC…