1000 Posts

Finally reached that number with this post, I would have got there sooner if it wasnt for me losing posts on the forum transfer or if the recent banter thread with Ball Ox hadn’t been deleted

Well done. You must be so proud of the 999 posts of bs you posted.

You’re bs literally

Shush not everyone knows my initials. B Shanley. No that too obvious. Lets call him Brian S.

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1000 posts value!

Need I say anymore!!!

Love the avatar Ben. “Free the bees”

you talking to yourself again flango?

No raving Im not. Ask Rocko if its me(he’ll know its not me from the ip address) or ask Bandage since he knows its a different person.

it is pretty strange that both of us call racism “a bit of banter” - your the only two people to use that phraseology for racism. add to that your love in with BS.

Great minds…

Fingal I’d like to confirm that I am indeed a different person, a close friend of Flango!

I also said that racism is a bit of banter if it doen’t harm or cause offence to anybody. There is a diffence!

Ben? Missing a few r’s and s’s?

Flango? Im beginning to think there’s a conspiracy going on here http://www.thefreekick.com/components/com_fireboard/template/default/images/english/emoticons/shock.gif. First Ball Ox then Raven and so on and so on.

Fooking hell that’s bad spelling on my part, I was tucking into a chow-mein pot noodle at my desk at the time. Well you know what they say, men can’t multi-task!!

Just saw that there, “free the bees” legend!

“Flano, What the fook am I gonna do in Spain!!”

“Lana!. First, I’ll have a pint of Heineken and then I think 'll have a whiskey and ginger”