1916 reasons why soccer and rugby should not be played in Croke Park

I’ll fill this on my own if I have to:

  1. John Delaney >:D
  2. Stephen ‘Stan’ Staunton :’(
  1. Pricks being ferried from their favourite southside watering holes to and from Croke Park in fleets of buses as they’re too shitty to walk around on the northside.

Make sure you number them!

  1. It’ll be infused with the type of ‘supporter’ who gets off on giving sectarian abuse to Trevor Brennan.
  1. Ireland’s Call will be played in Croke Park. In Croke Park of all places. This one is particularly sickening.
  1. The local residents
  2. That announcer prick from Lansdowne
  3. Cathal Dervan at Croke Park is sickening
  4. Liam Miller
  1. Half the Irish Rugby Clubs sell their allocations to the highest British bidders. Seeing as the stadium will be half full with English people they should have gone the whole hog and fooked off to Twickenham.
  1. Belvedere
  2. Blackrock College
  3. Wesley College
  4. High School
  5. Castleknock College
  6. Pres Bray
  7. St Mary’s
  8. St Michael’s
  9. Clongowes Wood College
  10. Gonzaga
  11. Sutton Park
  12. St Gerard’s
  13. Terenure College
  1. A whole host of rugby playing private schools prohibit the playing of Gaelic Games. Why should we offer them the use of our facilities to play and promote their games when they refuse to offer us the same courtesy? If Burger King had a load of fooking burgers but had nowhere to sell them would Ronald McDonald stump up and say. ‘Hey lads, you can sell them in my place.’

Like fook he would.

My last one will now be #25

  1. St Munchin’s
  2. Presentation College Cork
  3. The Munster Bandwagon Brigade
  4. The Leinster Fooking Idiot Brigade with their ‘Allez les blues’ chants
  5. The Old Wesley disco culture
  6. Boat shoes
  7. Chinos

has that actually been proven? never been a history of sectarianism with ulter fans and i think they are a lot better than leinster lions fans.

  1. george hook
  2. soccer team only represents 26 counties
  3. tracey piggott

Trev’s uncle said it on Liveline with Joe Duffy. I’ll take his word ahead of one Patrick Bamford.

  1. Patrick Bamford
  1. Stupid pricks in scrums damaging the pitch and diving in on top of each other.

You really are sad bitter little men arn’t ye?? Give that backward thinking tosser Frank Murphy a call, ye’ll get on very well. Cannot wait to see the Irish rugby team playing on Croke Park on Sunday.

well said Jack

Why 1916? Wouldn’t 1920 reasons not make more sense?

  1. The very real prospect of a turnip muncher like Paul ‘I could have made it at swimming or golf had I not chosen rugby’ leading out the team instead of a true Gael like Drico.
  1. Neil Francis sitting in the press box where legends like Ger Canning, Jim Carney and Brian Carthy once sat.
  1. With the revised team the line up is now 7 Munster, 4 Leinster, 2 Ulster, 1 Leicester, 1 Llanelli. Playing in Dublin with a team full of turnip munchers is a disgrace, although if they had have guilt-tripped the nation into giving them Thurles John Kelly, Dowling and Tomas O’Leary would probably have been in too. Disgraceful.
  1. Jackflash
  2. Cully Eile
  3. Leprauchan hats
  4. Guinness tricolours
  1. steve walsh’s annoying personality on microphone.
  2. tesco ireland
  3. bupa ireland
  4. sky ireland