2008 Ladbrokes.com PDC World Darts Championship

PDC Thread

Best 1st round I’ve ever seen in the World Championships so ever.

Standout matches so far would have to be(from what I’ve seen)

Peter Manley v Toon Greebe: Manley scraped through 3-2 against this 19 year old who is a fantastic prospect, I had only seen him once previously and knew Manley wouldnt have an easy ride through the 1st round.

Phil Taylor v Michael Van Gerwen: This was the one I was looking forward to most. Terrible quality but lots of tension. Gerwen had a dart at double 12 to win but Taylor managed to scrape through 5-3 in the deciding set.

Looking at tonights fixtures the two that should be provide the best matches are:

Adrian Lewis v Dave Askew: I’d fancy Lewis to get through this one but Diamond Dave is an experienced player and won’t be easy to shrug off

Vincent van der Voort v Jelle Klaasen: Klaasen hasn’t been up to much after defeating Barneveld for the BDO title 2 years ago.(Some believe Barney didnt bother trying to win because he knew he was jumping to ship to the PDC anyway). I’d still fancy Klaasen to win this though but wouldn’t have a punt on it.

Things can only get better from here

Was watching a bit of it there a few nights ago. Saw Wayne Mardle progress. Did Colin Lloyd win?

Taylor was nearly Steve Beaten? He must be off form.

Klaasen was very good the year he beat Barney. He was terrible last year though.

What’s the story with Kevin Painter? Is he still around?

Kevin ‘The Artist’ Painter was playing last night. I didn’t watch the full match so don’t know how he got on in the end. I generally ease myself into this event and haven’t watched much of it yet.

Colin Lloyd got knocked out, he’s gone awful.

Taylor was definitley off form the other night but he came into the tournament after winning all 4 previous tournaments he had entered.

Painter played last night and was quite impressive, averaged around the 96 mark which was one of the highest averages I’ve seen so far.

Take my advice and back James Wade to win the tournament at around 6/1. You will be thanking me on New Years Day

Mick McGowan won yesterday and now plays some lad called Shepherd in Round 2…Shepherd beat Terry Jenkins yesterday but it was really awful stuff. Shepherd hit 4 1s in a row…that’s how bad it was !!!

Dennis ‘The Menace’ Priestley got knocked out earlier.

On behalf of all at thefreekick.com I want to wish the Barnsley born tungsten legend all the best when he has his cancer surgery in the new year.

van der Voort and Klaasen is a classic here.

Klaasen just missed 4 darts for the match on double 16, his favourite double.

vdV stepped in and nailed his double and romped the next leg to win the 4th set 3-2 and level the match at 2 sets apiece.

We’re now heading into a deciding set. Smashing stuff.

Klaasen has now missed NINE doubles to win the match. It’s 2 legs all in the decider and they’ve gone to sudden death. Super entertainment.

3 legs each in the decider for those following it live from pubs and nightclubs around the globe.

Live updates will continue.

Klaasen with the throw.

They have to win by 2 legs though if it gets to 5-5 then the next leg wins.

4-3 Klaasen. Held his serve comfortably.

This is a tasty, tantalising, tungsten thriller.

Klaasen threatening vdV’s serve here.

vdV hits double top with his last dart after Klaasen couldn’t manage a 105 check out.


Klaasen is holding easily each time but vdV is doggedly winning the games on his own throw under pressure from Klaasen.

5-4 to Klaasen now.

He’ll be gutted if he loses this.

Klaasen pressurising again here.

vdV requires 88.

And misses.

Klaasen requires 66.

And missed another double for the match, again double 16.

vdV hits double 8.

Sudden death now.

Next leg wins.


vdV closer to the bull and wins the throw for the deciding leg.

301 - 318 after 6 darts apiece.

vdV has 6 darts from 141.

Hits 105.

Klaasen leaves double 12.

But vdV nails double 18 with his second dart.

Klaasen will not believe he’s lost this.

Outstanding drama indeed.

Thank you for following it on thefreekick.com

Great stuff Bandage.