2011 GAA championship draws

I heard that the hurling draws took place last Saturday evening,could be bullshit but the same lad got it right last year.
QF Tipperary V Waterford winner plays Clare.
SF Limerick V Cork.

QF Cork Waterford
Semi 1 Tipp V Q/F winner
Semi 2 Limerick V Clare

Anybody but Tipp from a Limerick perspective.

If we got Tipp, I’d assume it would be Thurles yeah?

Limerick v Cork or Clare out on the Ennis Rd would be tastey.

Wouldn’t mind Tipp in the first round truth be told…Don’t think we would beat them but our boys would certainly be up for it and it would be a good indicator as to where we are at…For Clare and Limerick, the worst possible draw would be to get each other in a Munster semifinal, reckon the winner could well be in for a trimming in the munster final

KK into the semi’s in the ultra competitive “Leinster” draw. Would love to get Galway in the semi’s. Anything after that would be a bonus for the rest of the year. 2011 will be the start of the rebuild KK require to get back amongst the hurling elite of Tipp, Cork, Limerick et all.

I presume Limerick will be favourites for Munster next year?

Tip - In disarray
Cork - In transition
Waterford - In decline
Clare - In the doldrums, playing Division 2 hurling year in year out

Winners of New York vs Ros - Ros won’t beat us 3 years in a row. Mark my words

Picking balls out of a bowl for matches over seven months away. Epic.

Ulster prediction

Down v Tyrone

Fermanagh v Antrim
Cavanv Monaghan

Derry v Donegal
Armagh v Down or Tyrone

Marty Morrisey is some spastic

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Used the music for Wwe Raw for the recap of the Leinster Championship. :clap:

Tough draw for Kilkenny


The way RTE are doing the graphics is ridiculous. They could at least line up the Prelim matches with the relevant Q/F opponents.

Munster Hurling Prediction:
Cork v Waterford
Tipp v Limerick/Clare

Out and about lads, please inform who will be canon fodder for our new management teams in Laois this year?



Not a bad draw for Limerick

Limerick v the Deise in the Semi-finals of Munster.

A nice handy draw for us there and we should be guaranteed a final spot, probably against Cork…