2011 US Open

As per Bandage’s recommendation, we now have a separate thread for the US Open.

With Rory McIlroy’s overnight lead, he has now led at some point during each of the last four majors without winning any of them.

Looks like he’s abandoned the Twitter machine now as well.

Be a big ask to win it wire-to-wire.

Big ask alright croppy but he was class yesterday. Boy got skillz.

On another note it was heart warming to see Mickelson slapping it all over the place. Makes me feel better about my game anyway.

Apparently (according to some lad on some ready show) a lot of the yanks see McIllroy as the new Woods and are really willing him on to win this one as they feel it would be brilliant for the sport over there. I wish the English man the best of luck.

British please.

Yeah the golf reporter over there have been bigging him up for the last two years or so. They’re seriously in need of someone to reignite the imagination of the masses with the fall from grace of Tiger.

In other news…


I certainly hope so, although I have backed him at 3/1 today to the value of €20. It’s €20 I’d be perfectly happy to lose however.

The cunt has gone to -7.

I still envisage a collapse though


Gone to -10 and a seven shot lead.

Hope the young Irishman sees it through this time.

Hope the pigfaced stoop fucks it up, again.

Fuck you.


Fantastic from Rory. As David Trimble once put it “we wish to add to the glory of being British, the distinction of being Irish” Being Irish and British are not mutually exclusive. Come on Rory.

Ridiculous stuff from McIllroy today. A chance to go 10 clear now.

The cunt double bogeys the last to finish -11.

Hopefully Yang can shoot somthing like a 65 later

Any of ye back anyone that’s in contention for a place? I have Yang and Quiros with a chance at 100/1 and 80/1, 7 places with Mulls. Also did Mahan, wonky Jim and Allenby but I think they’re more or less fucked. Here’s a decent link…


Have Zach Johnson (100/1), Brian Gay (150/1) and Geoff Ogilvy (66/1). Johnson the only real chance of money at the moment on -2. Gay will make the cut but Ogilvys weekend is over.

McIlroy as short as 1/4 now for this. Crazy stuff!

The dislike of this very likable guy is quite silly.

Hope he does it with a record score to shut up some of the cunts on here and elsewhere.

What do you think mate? After McLeish I’m a bit wary

His approach shots have been unreal so far