2017 All Ireland Senior Football Championship


I think that COC would have made any inter county team ever, it would certainly suit him to have better players around him, be no harm to take the frees off him as well.
He’s criminally underrated on TFK because he’s got a few serious haters on here, he’s rarely been 100% fit over the last couple of years but he’s still a young lad and I’ve no doubt he’ll hit the heights again.


He’s not rated as he has no pace, no movement and doesn’t want the ball when a sticky marker is on him. He’s piggybacked off Andy Moran for too long now. Good free taker though.


Padraic Joyce was a fabulous footballer.


No movement? You’re clearly letting you bias get the better of you.

He might not be the quickest but his runs are class. Some examples from last weekend.

The way he moves away from his marker to make the space for McLoughlin to find him here is wonderful. (1 minute 32 seconds)

At the end as well he manged to get free to provided an outlet, win the ball and maker space to grab a magnificent score. (4 mins 18 seconds)

Best of all though ios the equaliser from the All Ireland final in 2016. He comes out and provides an outlet in the attack, losing his marker in the process to set up the space he needed to score the point.

The only player I can think of that played like him is Stephen O’Neill of Tyrone so it’s even more funny that you fail to appreciate it.


What an insult to the great Stephen O’Neill. He moved on a string in line with Brian McGuigan’s movement out the field. He worked his balls off to get in space. O’Connor’s movement is pitiful for the most part.


This new and bluster-ful guise you’ve been using recently recently doesn’t suit you at all. It’s clearly not as entertaining as you believe it to be.

Only someone with absolutely no clue about Gaelic Football could fail to appreciate the contribution that O’Connor makes to the game and he wonderful anticipation, movement and point-taking ability. Even if he does act the complete cunt on the pitch.

I definitely have a disliking of the likes of Kieran Donaghy and Diarmuid Connolly but it doesn’t stop me from appreciating their prowess and contribution to their team performances and achievement. You should be a bigger person and leave you misguided bias out of it.


You’re making things up all over the place.


What, exactly, do you believe that I’m making up?


You think that as you don’t have much knowledge, one of the prime reasons O’Connor draws blanks in big games despite playing for a side who have an awful lot of ball and being a good finisher is that he struggles to win ball and has no left foot. Stick a decent man marker on him to detail him and forget about him contributing from.


So the three points he scored from play against Tyrone in the quarter finals last year don’t count? two of them below, the second one is off his left foot by the way.


A rarity. We stuck McCrory on him who was our weakest man marker. O’Connor makes the most of his abilities but he’s an extremely limited player.


That I’ve changed my posting style - I haven’t.

That O’Neill and O’Connor are similar - they aren’t.

That O’Connor has good movement - he doesn’t.

Now apologise and we can move on.


You’re a sad, sad man these days. In the videos I posted I showed his examples of a good movement.

He consistently picks his team up when they look like they’re beaten as well. They have very similar styles, good in a crowded defence, not the quickest and excellent free takers.


I’ve had an absolutely stellar start to the GAA championships in both codes.


No it doesn’t, you ape. One is a sideline ball where play is dead and Tyrone are asleep, he isn’t being marked on getting the ball back. The other is Aidan O’Shea doing a bulldozer run and attracting bodies to stop him and laying it off to O’Connor.


Admitting that you’d prefer to see Celtic win that Wexford and showing that you’re too biased to appreciate an excellentr footballer?

You have an odd idea of what ‘stellar’ means.


I’m not being biased. I’m right about O’Connor and you’re either at the wind up or displaying a lack of understanding. It’s probably more of the latter but it doesn’t stop people from enjoying the games and that’s the main thing when all is said and done.


He goes by a player and more or less scores from the end line.

The other he times his support run to perfection, losing his marker in the process and kicking the ball over the bar with his left foot.


Ah you’re absolutely hilarious and unwilling to admit that you’re blinded by your own hatred of the player if you can look at those videos and stick the same mantra of bullshit that @Nembo_Kid goes on with.


It’s not bullshit. The best you can come up with is as flimsy as it gets. Clearly other teams don’t really see O’Connor as too much of a threat when they don’t detail their best defenders on him.