2019 All Ireland Senior Football Championship

Can any of the chasing pack stop the ‘drive for five’?

Please litter your posts with lots of speculation.

Derry maybe if they can stop all the infighting and get their strong clubs to unite.


Maybe if they put out Slaughtneil players only so. Thanks for your input.

It’s leitrim’s to lose next year

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Doubt any of the Dublin lads will be hanging up their boots with the prospect of getting a five in a row under their belt.

Breheny giving out about the earlier finals in the Indo today as it doesn’t allow enough media coverage.

Some gimp.

I see the press and social media are full of this type of talk over the last few days — the game is awful to watch, that’s widely accepted ---- what change can improve it drastically tho?

Better to watch than stick hurley.

Take the dynamic role of a corner back in football, needs to be able to pass and move, kick scores, defend to a stick hurley corner back who just smashes a ball down the pitch.


I said it in another thread but it would take much to give it a good kick.

  • Kick outs must travel beyond 45 yards
  • No passing back into your own half (or inside the 65 yard line
  • Sin bin to replace black card
  • Two referees

The latter two are needed in hurling as well.


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The kick out one is mad?


And not everyone will be able to do it.

Should you suffer cos of an extreme wind in a club game?

You have not thought that through.

Improving coaching education and intelligence

Plenty good games outside the ins where teams are trying to beat dublin by the way.

Way too much focus on one team.

I have thought it through and I’ve been saying it for a few years.

Teams will adapt to it quickly and congrats on winning the break or catching cleaner ball.

Anyone can kick it that far into the wind.

When are the Scottish FA changing the rules to remove Glasgow Celtic dominance?

Two refs, each manning one half of the field. The quickest fix and least imposing on the nature of the game is a rule that each team must keep a certain number of players in the attacking half (either 3 within the 45 they’re attacking or 4 within the half). More attacking space, less congestion, less scope for overly regimented defensive structures and curbing of the effect raw athletic ability over footballing has to dominate a game.

It’s nothing to do with one team dominating, it’s the standard of quality… it’s horrific to watch - 14 men behind the ball and then fisting it around sideways and backwards …

The rules don’t need changing. There needs to be changes made to the factors that allow Dublin to dominate the game now though and that’s in the interest of the game.

Black card needs to be changed. It creates an additional advantage for stronger squads.

The sin bin trial was never seen through properly and should be given another go.


Other counties need to step up to the challenge.

Croatia got to a World Cup final with a tiny population and far fewer resources than the big powers.

Mannion ran the length of the pitch to block a Tyrone shot on goal. That is not money or resources.


More sour grapes.

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It helps when Dublin have 1.5m to get a Paul Mannion from.

Teams don’t have the resource to match Dublin, matching them for maximising their resources still leaves them far behind.


They have raised the game.

Look at hurling. Killkenny and Tipp forced everyone to uo their game