2019 All Ireland Senior Football Championship

Not sour grapes. More unionist type entitlement from you.

I think that would make it worse to be honest. There wouldn’t be a forward inside the 45 then, the only thing keeping them anyway pushed up is the prospect of stopping a short kick out. You’d have the 6 forwards on a line on the 45 if you adopted that.

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It helps but why don’t China win the World Cup if it is just population. Why did Dublin underperform for 30 years.

It’s about under age structures, good coaches and choosing the athletic lad over the fat corner forward with a sweet left foot.

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Pure sour grapes from you, as expected.

Tyrone need to start playing properly and abandon the puke football served up by the dinosaur Harte.

Because football isn’t the main sport in China.

Dublin have got their house in order. They are raising the level, if a county 10-15 times smaller matches that level they will still be far behind. That’s just the way it is.

That’s where the not being allowed to pass it back into your own half comes into play.

They’d have to get players back up as an outlet straight after the kick out is taken.

No sour grapes. I am stating facts, you’re having denial problems again, Fanta Pants.

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Counties who want to compete need to do what Olympic host nations do. Find kids with genetic gifts, get them involved and coached and in development squads. Filter them from 12-18 and in a decade you will have a very strong team.

Again that means the forwards would drop to the 65 if unsuccessful on turning over the kickout as they can’t kick it backwards so why would you defend there

Maybe so, but there are 50,000 soccer academies in China according to a report published last year.

That’s all Limerick did and hey presto


Of course but if a county as big in resources, infrastructure and numbers as Dublin get their house in order its going to be extremely tough for the other counties to compete no matter how well run they are or how much they get out of themselves.

They do that now anyhow.

You’re not stating any facts Bedsit Bhoy. Just your usual half backed conspiracies to mask over your own inadequacies.

I’m stating facts, Fanta Pants. Are you arguing Dublin’s population, economic hub and financial resources advantages. Are you going to dispute those?

Dublin cannot buy players in. All home grown. Any county can grow 20 lads from 18 to 30 who should be able to compete.

None of it is rocket science. All the information is freely available. Gyms and s and c never more available.

Test lads for stamina, jumping, speed and strength. Coach them on the skills. Get them in structured s and c training. Work harder than Dublin if you have to. It is a simple recipe.

It is very very doable.

Any rule change must be manageable for a single ref doing a junior game who has no neutral linesmen or umpires.

He cannot count players in zones.
He cannot see if every kickout crosses the 45
He cannot check if every pass goes ahead or behind a specific line

He could count successive handpasses.
He could manage a sinbin

Recent changes such as the mark and the squareball rule have been pretty easy to ref, indeed they have made the refs job easier along with being more practical for the players.

Listen mate, we have farming matters to attend to, not every Saturday morning and weekday evenings are available to be spent being turned into boring machines, we have to dip sheep and pick schtones.

This notion is changing. Hawkeye isn’t available at every intercounty game even. But a ref can see the ball crosses the 45 yard line as easily as he can see that the players are outside of the 21 yard line when the kick out is taken or a hurling ref can see that the goalie stayed in his small square for the puck out.

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All counties can create great players but Dublin are statistically 30x more likely to produce a Conor McManus than Monaghan are. Its just a numbers game.

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