2022 FIFA World Cup

He’s on the way to united

His two goals have added 25m a pop to his tag.

Hard compete with the Saudi money in Newcastle alright.

Anybody have Cody Gakpo for tournament top scorer?

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I caught the last 15/20 mins of the Iran v Wales game. A very dramatic and enjoyable conclusion to the game. RTÉ were suggesting that Wales will be hoping England win tonight but I’m not convinced that scenario suits them. If England win tonight then yes they may ease of against Wales but they’ll already be on 6 points and through. Either Iran or USA will still end up 4 points following their nuclear meeting. Iran would have Wales on head-head, USA would have a superior GD in all likelihood.

If England were to draw tonight then Wales could still overtake them on head to head safe in the knowledge that both USA and Iran couldn’t reach 4 points. In conclusion, I’d feel Wales are as good as gone if England win tonight.

I thought the early goal wouldn’t do much for this as a spectacle but Ecuador are playing some decent stuff now, have the Dutch on the back foot.

Goal difference is first tiebreaker so even if Eng draw tonight they’re more or less through

Valencia is sharp, good effort, decent save from Noppert.

No sooner has one Cody gone than another one arrives. My money is on him to be top scorer in the 2042 World Cup.

yeah it’s gd and I think Wales are more or less out now are they? I’d say the second Iran goal finished them. Best scenario for them is England hammer USA and then lose by a goal to Wales, while USA beat Iran one nil.

Difficult offside call.

Ooofffttt. That’s a harsh interpretation, as the keeper had already dived and the player standing offside wasn’t really interfering with him.


Yeah I don’t think there’s any way he saves that, obstructed view or not.

I agree his view was blocked but I don’t think it affected the play.

Does joanne even like football? Its just another tv gig for her. Standing there with her binder. She could be presenting a show about kitchen installations for all she cares/knows. The plumbers decision is final and that’s it.


It opened up there, Valencia sharp in the box again.

Fucking hell. Some strike

Off the bar! FFS

Is there an Ecuador supporters thread? They’re some bunch of lads.

Great match