2022 Turds

Last point is fabrication.

Once i asked about lineup and let my opponent have the call on it.

Stop deflecting from your own actions over 6-8 months.

Mate, I’m quite happy with my roster performance.

You’ve won a League on the whim of a commish overstepping his station.

Same commish who sat a suspended player on his injured reserve list and refused to either drop him or add him to his roster.

You can take your “ Fake “ win :smile::+1:

Winners find a way. Losers moan.


ye’re all losers

Just for clarification as a couple of comments suggest misunderstanding

The(my) result was not decided on projections or anything,
The points were awarded from the next game the players played, both were meaningful matches against serious opposition

I wasn’t happy leaving it a draw after 17 weeks of setting lineups and waivers etc
I think it was 100% fair and nobody opposed it when I suggested it, but I will take the fall for it,
Good luck in the future

It couldn’t have been fairer lads. He literally told ye that at the time :man_shrugging:t2:


the first person to oppose it was @Thomas_Brady ! fucking hell. Everyone opposed it. I offered to share the title, mouse accepted, and everything was fine. I wasnt happy to win with two players on my opponents team having a zero score in a game they didnt play, but I also had a decent lead that would need those players to have scored well. So the fairest thing was that we had already both agreed to split it.

So you share it, done deal.
It’s a fun league, I hadn’t anticipated this level of annoyance, it was pretty much 50/50 who would win. I thought it might be interesting.
But I guess it was a mistake, apologies again

Anyone get a whiff of ye guys don’t appreciate me enough off a certain poster?

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I got a book deal and podcast off the back of winning the league.


I don’t know what else to do.

The game was in the balance, I think @Thomas_Brady needed about 25 points from Diggs and Higgins, Diggs scored a long TD late in the game which was the decider.
It was all me, and I couldn’t stay on, one of those things

Well knock me over with a feather….

One last thing, I acknowledge my error, but I absolutely deny any allegation of favoritism, I wanted to see a winner, simple as that for me :man_shrugging:

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