2023 All Ireland Senior Football Championship

Who replaces Jack

What do people like?
Knock out games.

Ok lets have a string of meaningless group games

Careful now. The Limerick club championship

Very few meaningless games in the senior football. It’s setup lovely after the first two rounds.

Mark o Connor is going to be back with Kerry sooner rather than later my sources in Dingle tell me.

Morans burning more money


Clifford to lift Sam next year

Paudie probably ruined his chance on Sunday you’d feel

You wouldn’t rule Paudie out just yet. There’s a great opportunity to hand David the 13 jersey and see can he be the first man wearing it to lift Sam.

Anything happens David the mantle will surely fall to Paudie, he’ll be well tutored between now and then.

Rian O’Neill out for the ulster championship. Tore his quad.

My sources in tyrone are telling me the dispute over mcshanes wages has been resolved

Be hard for Armagh to find another blue chip full forward they can make shite of by playing out in the middle

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Wheels off McGeeney’s bandwagon gone.

More room for Rafferty now

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If only there was a club break coming up to let tempers dampen down.

McGeeney is a fucking ham

“Geezer/Geyser” has denied all the rumours

He did in his bollocks get into a boxing match with McGeeney.