2023 Failed Rugby World Cup Bid & does anyone remember the Interpros


Maybe @flattythehurdler could arrange a little sculpture?


Huh? Two semi finalists last year?


What’s the Beer Cup?


Who is ashamed of it…let me fucking at em


I assume he is talking about the Heineken cup. You know the story with these nouveau Munster fans like @TreatyStones using the slang. He is so new a fan he thinks being a semi finalist is failure. Says a lot about their high standards I guess

Btw…id say you have driven more traffic through the official IRFU site, particularly the domestic game section, than any marketer could hope for. BRAVO


Irish rugby is box office.


One could easily ask the GAA lads why they are so ashamed of the Railway cup which was once one of the GAA premier events. Now relegated to an afterthought


I remember the interpros, the echo used to make a big deal about them back in the day


So do I. There was a round of them last weekend


Irrelevant. The country is a part of the United Kingdom, that is where they play. They can identify how they want, they play on British soil.


It’s not irrelevant — So you’re saying the Irish rugger team is made up of 2 countries? That’s obscene


They used to be a highlight of the rugby calendar as stand alone games,
Wasn’t there a time not so long ago that there was no All Ireland league?
It seems to require an awful lot of effort to hate rugby, lads here haven’t done a tap of work all day I’d say.


you could, and I’m sure you’d get the same answer most of the time. Its an awful shame that they have been discarded the way they have. They used to be a huge game in the calendar. I dont know what happened really that ended it, but putting the club finals in its place on St Patricks day was a contributing factor I’d imagine.

So in essence, is it not the exact opposite? The inter pros have been reduced to nothing in favour of club. Whereas the interpros in rugby have been pushed to the detriment of the club?


if you are lucky enough to be an elite soccer player in eire then you will have to sign on the dole for 3 months of the year having earnt €250 a week up till then.

it is not comparable with any rubby competition in Ireland


Fact. Geoff has lads hopping around like sausages in the pan.


Except the interpros in rugby predate the AIL by about a half a century. The AIL was only started in early 90s


Practically all sports operate on all island, Ireland basis - Gaelic games, rugby, cricket, hockey, golf to name but a few. Soccer did as well from the early 1880’s until the 1920’s and the foundation of the FAI and its partitionist Eire team.


Gas cunts


I honestly dont know what your point is here.


Why did the FAI setup and break away?