2023 Failed Rugby World Cup Bid & does anyone remember the Interpros


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Do they play an actual sport instead?


Youre the one going off on tangents about the FAI- mate… you’ve gone off topic all day… If you’re gonna ramble on about the Break between the FAI and IFA, at least give the full picture… If not, please stay on topic, this is a thread about the failure of the Irish RWC bid …


IV no respect for cunts like u who never played sport at any level. So you be a good keyboard warrior now and fuck off…


I think you owe @The_Selfish_Giant a huge apology here, its well known he has played and won at the highest level of third level GGA competitions.


The average home attendance for gameweek 17 of 2017 in the Airtricity League premier division (which is the most recent I found with a 5 second google) was 2,325 (not the highest average of the season) 6 x 2,325 is 13,950. Connacht don’t even have a stadium that holds that.
Leinster, and Ulster had an average of less than 16,000 last year & Munster an average of less than 13,000.
So without taking into account the first division your statement is false for both Munster & Connacht.
That’s before we factor in the NI soccerball league


ill have to dust off my short tennis trophy and take a pic

I played sigerson too


He played semi pro football also


Who didn’t in fairness


If rugby is all you’ve played you must have no self respect.


And the standard of 3rd level can be on a par with intercounty and even surpass it when you look at the likes of Laois, Carlow and Offaly etc.


I was also on the quidditch team and found it a lot more challenging


High achievers like yourself and I are alway easy targets for the guttersnipes.


I knew that he had played Sigerson but I’m astounded and delighted to find out that @The_Selfish_Giant was a winner of that competition, great stuff :+1:
96 I assume as he hardly went to college in Muldoonland?


Two territories correct.


Two countries?


You’ll have a sizeable minority here seething with that statement bro.


The selfish giant was a member of the famous ITT three in a row team in the late nineties


Whoa whoa. You are talking to a Sigerson Cup legend there.


But he carries his high achievement so gracefully.