2023 Failed Rugby World Cup Bid & does anyone remember the Interpros


Like who bro?


That’s some commute from Fingal.


The total attendance for the SSE leagues in 2016 was 344k. 273k for the Premier Division.

Leinster Rugby’s home attendances for the 16/17 season was 310k.


He’s bitten off more than he can chew here — Very badly misjudged this one.


Celthick bhoys


Rugby lads are taking multiple headshots here. Is there a TFK eHIA? You’d be worried for them at this stage.


Cletic are an Irish club you stupid fucker.




Leinsters home attendance for the Pro-12 in 16/17 was 186,951.
I’m not sure why you are using European Cup games to massage your figures?


stay out of my private life mate


The lads are just wumming at this stage — @Tim_Riggins bigging up the unified team one minute to shout down Irish soccer supporters, he’s then talking up the Island being two different countries the next minute to shout down Irish soccer supporters – @GeoffreyBoycott has invented his own Irish rugby competition and compiles yearly data on it - and all unknown to the competing teams themselves or anyone else in the country. Then you have @maroonandwhite trying to question Celtic’s Irishness - while @codegreen has tried to belittle @The_Selfish_Giant’s sporting pedigree …

Some all time wumming there in fairness - Poor @gilgamboa thinks the guys are being earnest and is rowing in behind them like a gobdaw :joy:


Where did I ever mention Pro14? I said home attendance.




So will you be adding in all FAI cup, European games & League cup figures to the LOI total or will you be continuing with your apples and oranges comparison?




I’d say he has whiplash he backtracked so quickly there


have you included the pre season friendlies mate?


You can add them if you like. I was comparing Leinster Rugby’s home attendances to the entire League of Ireland attendance.

The highest attended team in the SSE league last year’s combined home attendance was less than a Leinster game at the Aviva.

I hate to do this to you, this is like the fool you made of yourself over the European Champions Cup final being played in Spain.


Sorry mate, just a bit of banter.


Well I was trying to compare like for like league figures but @Tim_Riggins didn’t seem to want to do that as it made him look rather foolish