2023 Failed Rugby World Cup Bid & does anyone remember the Interpros


You can try to do what you want, you were responding to my post where I was comparing Leinster Rugby’s home attendance vs the entire League of Ireland.

As I said, if you want to collate that data, go right ahead.


That’s a cool story bro, nothing to do with the point you are struggling to defend though :kissing_heart:


Which is nothing to do with what I posted. Much like you jumping the gun over Spain and the Champions Cup final, you’ve left yourself badly down here with your inability to read and get your facts straight.


@gilgamboa must feel like a right idiot now beckoning @Tim_Riggins to come to his rescue only for @Julio_Geordio to smash him


@gilgamboa is a poster of ridicule.


Two bald men fighting over a comb while the GAA walks past with a luxurious bouffant.


Who are Cletic?


The game is up when all you have is typos and grammar…


In what way are Celtic an Irish club mate, I’ve often heard this said but i don’t really understand,
Try to be nice now, it’s a genuine question


Are we talking about Wayside Celtic or some other Celtic Eire pub soccer team?


Represent the Irish diaspora that were force to flee post the famine


im still waiting for that link fucko


Bumped for @GeoffreyBoycott. Have you had a chance to collate the Pro14 standings from your records yet? Hopefully it’s a simple copy and paste unless you keep paper records? Ideally I’d like to get back to my colleague before we leave work for the evening.


im sure he can attach his paper records


Not going to get to it today mate. I’ve been out and about now since mid morning.

Incidentally, I picked up a copy of the Buffers Alley v Faythe Harriers 1985 county final programme. If you come across a Rathnure v Faythe Harriers 1979, 2nd Replay, you might keep me in mind.


That’s very disappointing how you let @Bandage down like that.


What about the railway cup pal?


I had a quick look there at the league tables on the official PRO14 website. They look to be accurate enough. They’ve played seven rounds of fixtures so far. You’ll have the data I sent you earlier on the two rounds of inter provincial fixtures that have been played within those seven rounds.


deary me

jeff has taken a terrible pasting today


And that’s before CR7 gets stuck into the yids tonight.