2024 BruidheanChaorthainn betting thread

What do you like about the Eric Mc horse

It’s owner :eyes:

I think people are assuming it wants good ground but it’s pedigree suggests cut and the dam won over two miles.

He ran a very good race race on bad ground around gowran with emmet pulling the two ears off him.

Looks like Leigh is coming specifically to ride it too suggesting he should be ready to rock.

It’s one of the worst races I’ve seen a while. If he handled the ground which I think he will he’ll go very very close.

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What Wilmotts are they? Paddys family?

Think so not positive tho.

I’ve had it confirmed they are related

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It’s being backed

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Paradise Lost NR :roll_eyes:

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Done a lucky 15

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For the love of Jesus. It drifted to 33s and all.

Unlucky lad

And it to be just another eagle and all ffs

From Jan 1st till today on the thread

It’s 145 bets

Staked 390

Returned 476

P/l = 86

Roi = 22 percent

Not far off half way through the year. Yesterday it was Christmas.

The vast majority of these bets were after 11 am and I didn’t include bog either so we are doing well.