2024 BruidheanChaorthainn betting thread

Ah well. I’ll have to try and be happy with my 30/1 winner.


You knew a big winner was coming.


Nothing tomorrow

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Was going to get my ears lower yesterday evening around 5pm but decided to walk the dog instead. If I went down to get the hair cut I would have automatically called in for a pint. If I had called in for a pint I would have had a sneaky look here to see if there was anything up for Dundalk.
So now I’m €300 down and looking like Shane Byrne. Fucking dog and his sad eyes.


Nothing again from me today

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Thats out to 22s on Ladbrokes

Was 40s too a mess

Got that all wrong too keen.

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King placed anyway


I really like one tomorrow

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Did you back?

Oh sorry I forgot to post it

Sorry. 14s is tight enough
But there was a non runner who was fancied, should drift back to 16s anyway.

Good shout. Ran into one

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Came second. Will take the 14s for p/l I know lads
Like to track it.

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