29/12 Chelsea v Newcastle

29/12 Chelsea v Newcastle

Chelsea to make Big Long Ball Cooont-Face Sam suffer.

If Chelsea cant beat Newcastle at home then I deserve no vcash. All I have on the Blues.

I know Chelsea should and probably will win but did you read the sticky in this section Shan? If they slip up then you’re pretty much out of the vcash game forever. Risky stuff.

It’s true what they say bookmakers make the worst gamblers!!*

*Well they don’t actually say that, I just made it up, just there, right now on the basis that Flano has never given me a good tip. Fooker!

The only good tips are your own tips

Stick on BBC Radio 2, they’re playing Mr Blue Sky by ELO.

When the Mighty Chelsea minus Drogba, Terry, Lampard, Cashley, Carvalho beat Newcastle, I will be laughing. Shit they fooked but they do have Sheva and Michael Ballack. Im confident of a win for The Pensioners.

I was nearly bankrupt until Kalou saved the day. I should donate some of my vcash to a charity of his choice.