A chance for bandage, puke etc to apologise to eto,o

proved again tonight (as if there needed any proving) that he is much better player than ibrahinovic… while ibra scored last night (and had puke and tha bandage wanking at the very thought) eto,o goes ahead and scores a hat trick. where ever he has gone eto,o has proved the far superior player.(and has two champions league medals in last two years with two different clubs). so all you naysayers come out and admit who got the better deal inter or barca… oh wait barca already got rid of ibra…

odd that someone that joined this forum three weeks ago is familiar with goings on from in old thread

Bro, while it’s great that you have taken an interest in football in recent years, you obviously haven’t a clue and have a lot to learn. Please stop embarrassing your self around here.

The lure of being paid peanuts is why he went to Inter in all honesty…

Maybe you should apologise to him for making a fuck up of his name?

3 times too

Horrible, pointless post.

It just further shows the insecurities of the Anti- Zlatan brigade. It really can’t be easy for him reading this every night on here. It’s a real tribute that he continues to rise above it and score goals to quieten them. :clap: :clap:


they fear him

Could someone explain what’s going on here? What is this about?

That post is horrific. Meandering jibberish would be an apt description.

Personally i have been impressed by both players this season. I thought Zlatan was poor at Barca for a large chunk of games i saw, and bar the Madrid winner didn’t perform when most needed, but generally i think he just didn’t suit the style and it was a bad move for everyone. Zlatan can be lazy and infuriating and bitchy, but there is nobody can doubt the mans talent. It looks like Italian football is his fit. His finish the other night was magic.

I think people who thought the deal was a farce (which it clearly was both financially and from a footballing viewpoint for Barca) started to expect too much and found it easy to put Zlatan down. he was getting frustrated himself as well, and maybe the pressure was too much.

Overall in achievements and consistency i think Samuel Eto’o has been the better player.


This isn’t the place for logical reasoning. Now please pick one side or the other.

Don’t believe the hype. Not only is Eto’o a better striker and footballer but he is also a better photographer to boot.

…is six.