***A Coursing Chat Room has been formed and is now open for business, i repeat, a Coursing chatroom

Open for business…

Great addition mate. Long overdue. :clap:

Can we set up a chat room for MBB to post all his horseshit and reply to himself?

That would certainly be an addition.

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great news dunph- i assume its mainly for us who are on dedicated greyhound & coursing forums already?

Yes, only true greyhound fans who are members of greyhound forums such as yourself and myself for example. There were a few gurriers from Clare who got past security earlier and into the chatroom but we weren’t long running them out of there…

Anybody at the coursing in liscannor today?



I’m going out for a look shortly

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Mate’s dog well-fancied in the Oaks now, won two rounds well today to qualify for Sunday

Liscannor starts the real year . Mecca is Clonmel . My fave is corn Na feile .

Superb!!! I’d also suggest anyone interested in the great sport to join the Coursing Supporters page on FB

Grand bitch.

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Lurchers, not greyhound breeds there. So they were travellers most likely not doggy folk.


More like guaranteed!! Anyways it seems the netting license will be granted this week!! :beer::beer:

They could be looking at a hefty unpaid fine for that, they’ll probably have their licence, that they don’t have, to own a dog revoked as well.

Sweep sweep