A definite new low for the GGA

word has come to me that an intercounty team could only field have a team for last weekends huge game & only got 15 players for the 2nd half after frantically ringing around the county - a lad walking his dog palyed for 15 minutes(& was one of the better player) & 2 people watching it lines out too

the GGA - where been amateurish is a badge of honour

i wouldnt worry too much about that. That probably just reflects lack or a manager or time of year. and as you say, they are unpaid amateurs
In any case, that just brings a little shame on one playing half of a county presuming they field in both codes.
Croke park is where you really measure the GAA and its impact. Not in January cold.

Remember the last RWC where our golden age of rugby players were losing after 60 mins to a group of radioactive part time farmers (Georgia)?

or the liechstein game under charlton where a group of hill side sheep minders held our best 11 0-0

thats what you call real cringeworth national embarassment !

That is one of the worst lines I’ve heard from a GAA supporter in a long time, surely January cold is exactly where it should be measured from?

Oh look, it’s John Delaneys rent boy

they get paid from the state & the GGA

im fairly pissed off I had my phone on silent as I could have had an intercounty gga career to compliment my sigerson days

What team would this be?


have you not read de paper yet- its front page news