A dutch bet opportunity for tomorrow

kempton 13.00
punjabi to win
treaty flyer to win


cheers- odds wise i cant compete with you bud but my strike rate should be strong


mille chief my ante post NAP for cheltenham in the triumph hurdle at 5-1 will run in kempton tomorrow.
he will win tomorrow at odds of around 4-11 (grade 2) and will then be in to around 3-1 for the triumph.

i do not want to interfeere here with the dutch bet thread in any way,
this is just an FYI

your input is more than welcome- its the like of Mac that arent welcome

Here, here…

On this as well for the Festival. Wouldn’t be my nap as the triumph can be a cunt of a race but has the form and has been targeted for it from a long way off.

Superb stuff there, NCC. It reminds me of an acquaintance of mine who often has €50 on both red and black in roulette. An almost flawless methodology.

Millie Chief is out lame, presume a big doubt for the festival

Well done NCC. There was a slight scare down the back when Treaty Flyer almost brought down Punjabi, that would have been a right boil over for the layers. I hope you gave this bet to The Voice?

Ah balls

unbelievable foresight…

Cheers, superb as usual…

I’ll pass on the congrats on your behalf in person in a while. I expect to see NCC at half time of the game here in Tallaght.

Great stuff, pity i couldn’t make it up…

Delighted to see Punjabi winning at 1/6 - would have tipped him up but didn’t want to steal NCC’s thunder