A list of 100% records

Refused to pay for a single suit made for him in his life.

Limerick lads obsessed with Jimmy White I see

They are all coke head’s just like Jimmy

Jim Gavin AI Final Replays

Electric Ladyland The Jimi Hendrix Experience

All Ireland finals won by Limerick when a tiny section of their online supporters have imposed an omertà


Thanks for explaining the joke you saved @artfoley a job

Wexfords post war record in AI senior hurling finals vs Limerick

edit that to say senior

Any 100% wankers on here?

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You’ve been 100% wrong so far on this thread

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Steven Gerrard in league title run-ins.

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Gary Kirby’s fingers…oh maybe not

Still 100%


And will be for a while yet

@Chucks_Nwoko in Week 1 of 3 (three) TFKNFLFF leagues.

Ireland failing to beat the host nation in Rugby World Cups.


Owen Farrell’s failure rate from place kicks in the first half of England v Argentina at the 2019 Rugby World Cup

Jimmy White in World Seniors Championship Finals. @farmerinthecity