A new low for the GGA -Part 89568558

Kerry chairman Patrick O’Sullivan has been left outraged by a sickening attack on a hurling umpire.
According to The Irish Examiner, umpire Kieran O’Connor has reported the incident to Gardaí in Listowel following the startling attack during the second half of the Kerry IHL Division Two final between Causeway and Lady’s Walk from Ballyduff at Kilmoyley on Sunday.
The umpire is reported to have needed hospital treatment after being struck a number of times with a hurl by a Lady’s Walk player.
Referee Tony McCarthy abandoned the game as his colleague sustained a broken thumb and soft tissue damage to both his shoulder and elbow as well as a head injury.
“This sort of behaviour is reprehensible and casts a shadow on all our efforts to promote the Association in this county," O’Sullivan is quoted.
“No umpire, referee or linesman should be subjected to this behaviour, which is nothing short of cowardly in my view. We need to send out a clear message that this cannot and will not be tolerated.”

It’s a physical sport, injuries are part and parcel of it mate.

What kind of shower of cunts attack an umpire?



Woah, woah, woah, there’s absolutely no need for comments like that.
We’ve no idea how bad a call the umpire made.

Surely not taken from the incident in question?

No, this was a different recent kerry timbering. The county senior final when Paul Galvin got creased by an official from the other side.

So the cunt in that picture attacks a player, not an umpire. That’s very misleading posting by @Mac, I’m seething at his misinformation :mad:

Same, same on the county though so it’s not all bad feedback for @Mac

Was it a neutral umpire I wonder. I can’t imagine a hurling referee in Kerry trooping around with a team of officials for a IHL D2 game.

The problem in kerry hurling is that it’s played in such a small pocket that no one is seen as neutral. Only really 8 clubs hurling and all the refs come from these parishes. All within a probably 15 mile radius of each other. 90% of them would have gone to the same secondary school. They play each other probably 4 times a year between everything. Everyone knows everyone and grudges grow constantly.
They’ve been getting in outside refs from Limerick and Cork for the last few years for the senior championship to defuse things a bit.

The problem in Kerry hurling is that it’s played in such a small pocket.:smiley:

A good umpire (you’re own) far exceeds a bad forward…Keep up…


Perfectly legitimate use of the term.

Indeed . I love that first bit you said there. Gas

[QUOTE=“TreatyStones, post: 1047052, member: 1786”]Woah, woah, woah, there’s absolutely no need for comments like that.
We’ve no idea how bad a call the umpire made.[/QUOTE]

Play the whistle bud.