A sad week for the marginalised Republican community of Ireland

The queen of England visiting Ireland & the British anthem played over the bodies of our patriot dead & and the free state media and society cowering to new lows.

The death of the ex-leader of the blueshirts & disgusting euoligies played in his honour in the aftermath. This was a man did nothing but try and paint Irish freedom fighters as criminals.

The toffs winning a poxy rugby cup and the inevitable nauseating coverage that will follow this.

The free state - a premanent embarrassment and an ocassional disgrace.

:angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:


I hope you don’t have a cat Totti


On the plus side they damaged the wall of a bank in Londonderry

Totts, it’s been a great day for the Republican rugby football set, fantastic encouragement for the likes of the St. Paul’s Bessbrook XV. Up the RA.

great stuff totti- hard to disagree with any of that

on a side note there seems to be an agenda against you from the gga free staters on here- the muldoons of munster dont seem to like someone from the 6 spelling out a few home truths- dont let them get you down mate- us fingalians will always back you ahead of them

Very reassuring to know that I will have a champion like yourself in my corner, mate.

Surely the non-partitionist and indeed provincial nature of rugby football union in this country copperfastening as it so obviously does the Eire Nua policy document as annunciated by Daithi O’Conaill and Ruairi O’Bradaigh in the 1970s, means today was a good day for Republicanism?

I did spot a sunburst flag in the crowd at a Leinster rugby game these year, in fairness I think the fan who was waving it would have had a heart attack if you explained its symbolism.


I have even seen the real Ulster flag (red hand and cross on a yellow background) at Ulster matches as well Totti. I think the appalling game of rogby could ironically be the key to getting back the fourth green field instead of just crop-sharing it like we are at present.

I wonder will many Ulater Unionists be inspired to take up the ancient games of hurling and football after witnessing the great display of forelock tugging by the Tipperary hurlers in Croke Park.

So fuck off and do something about it then ye barstooling keyboarding cuntknuckles.

Ye will yeah?

Will ye fuck. Bar following cellic of course. That’ll gee up the cause alright.

Has someone a little sand in their vagina?

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I will remind free staters like yourself about the utter shame you are steeped in.

You don’t even have any culture, you have tried to rip that off the republicans. We will be judged in the afterlife and the free state quislings will be made to pay for their horrible deeds right there.

By not cowering and conforming to the nature of the vile free stater, I consider myself a man of strong will and utmost virtue. You are lower than a snakes belly.

What’s the plan with all the free staters and loyalists should the united Ireland you aspire to be achieved mate?

When, or if the country is ever united and freed from foreign occupation, the time will be for looking forward - not back. The system of inadequacy in Ireland must be crushed.