A serious day of posting

Could be made a fool of by the stats, and maybe its just myself, but this has been one of the better days on here in a long time, a number of threads trying to bring guys down.

More of that please.

Fuck off Kev ya no mark.

Whay hey, you cunt. Your a bit too bland and boring for me Clarkey, but nonetheless a good contributor when you bother your hole.

Cheers m8 

From what I read of him on here I’d say he gets his hole bothered quite a bit

I enjoy ClarkeyCats rare and fleeting contributions.

Wouldn’t be the first time…

I know you have to stand in for your mate, but i support you getting out there having dates and being mates with women while that fella sits at home lonely totting up betting accum’s. What you do is good for the soul.

Bandage will learn, eventually. You can’t be a lad lad forever.

See my last post.

A lesson in life provided for no fee.

You should write a self help book, Kev.

This means a lot. Seriously.

I believe he was talking about my anus Kev.

Runt you homophobe.

I mean metrophobe.

Not gay.

You just didn’t get it did you.

Self deprecation Mac, ever heard of it?

Get with it.

Bandage - I can’t help myself, why would i write a book about it?

Hook, line and sinker :clap:

Oh ffs. Thats hollow.

Kev, you’re some character. I’ve decided I like you.

This means alot. Seriously.


Your’re some fucking dickhead.

[color="#FFFFFF"]Who’ll see it first?