A weak tenure for John Delaney

in a week when medals are pouring into Ireland in the olympics I think its time we paused a little to show our appreciation to the vice president of the OCI

Well Done John Delaney

Has there ever been a better Administrator in the history of Irish Sport :ireland:

A man of the people too :clap:


A great, great man.

A brilliant and generous man. :clap: :ireland:

Great thread :clap:

:ireland: :ireland: :ireland:

right up there with the most respected international sports administrators, in company with the likes of Joao Havelange and Christy Cooney

louis kilcoyne surely?

FAI now exploring the possibility of going into examinership. That’s some legacy to leave behind. Still though, at least he made his millions out of it.


He had his fun.

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And that’s all that matters.

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You’d have to question the credibility and judgement of any poster who signed up to the Delaney bandwagon. A heap of post-Christmas rebrands coming I suppose in an effort to get their views taken seriously again.

Some posts didn’t age very well on this thread…


Everything was fine until they forced John out.



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Good man @padjo, you slid in the dagger with a modicum of mercy.
You’re not one to gloat which is noble.

Could the thread title be amended to remove the word week and replace with tenure…
It seems more appropriate.