A Winner

Russian Spirit is a winner tomorrow I’m told. 4/1.

Managed to get into my PP account today for the first time in about four months so I’ve had a nibble. Let me know how he does. Good luck.

This one goes in about ten minutes at Pontrefact. Favourite and topweight, looks to have every chance. currently trading around 4.7.
Money down


Fuck you for bumping that Lazarus. I’d have forgotten.

God damn shit.

Humble apologies Rocko.
Ran well enough in fairness

unlucky ttk, he ran well.

Bollocks. How annoying to be beaten by a horse that ran and finished 9th yesterday and turns up a different race horse today backed in from 16s to 10s. He ran well but it’s no consolation, few days wages went on that.

when you bet on these low grade races, something like that can always happen. i only focus on class b and above, to avoid that type of thing.

He just won at Doncaster at 18/1 without the weight of a euro from me.

If you have a spare €2 in a betting account, you could do no harm by putting it on Watchmaker in the last at Wolves. :wink:

Oh let today be the day that I boost my clonmel fund!

Good luck ttk. I’ll watch with interest

Thanks Fenway, he finised 6th. Never really traveling but Sam kept at him all the way and never gave up, watch for him again soon as that effort will do him good.

Can you please change the title of this thread?

It is extremely misleading.

:lol: If only I could Tony, if only I could.

No sweat mate.

I hope you have some better luck soon.