Aberdeen fans

Saw a handful in Edinburgh Airport yesterday. Fair play to them - taking over 6,000 to Madrid for their UEFA Cup match. They always bring good numbers places.


And, like the travelling Rangers fans in Spain, good to see them defend themselves against the flare throwing hoardes of local fascists.

I’m sure you’ll agree Rocko? :frowning:


bad few weeks for scotch football- with Celtic Rangers & Aberdeen fans all involved in trouble


Seems like it was a very rough trip:


Football fan ‘raped’ in Madrid

Aberdeen Football Club officials are investigating claims that a fan was allegedly raped in Madrid on Thursday night.

The club confirmed that an incident took place the night before Thursday’s Aberdeen match with Atletico Madrid and club officials stayed in the Spanish capital to help any distressed fans.

A spokesman for the club said: “There has been an alleged incident but we cannot comment further at this stage.”

Three Aberdeen fans were also hospitalised in Madrid on Thursday night, the British Embassy have confirmed.

No details were given about the three, although one of them is believed to have been injured accidentally and not directly related to crowd trouble.

The British Embassy confirmed they were in contact with the Spanish authorities.

Aberdeen travelled to Madrid to play Atletico Madrid in the UEFA Cup, a tie they lost 2-0.

Spanish media reported that at least 17 people suffered injuries during the trouble, which needed riot police after bottles and objects were thrown.

An estimated 6,000 Aberdeen fans are believed to have made trip for the game, with only 3,000 tickets officially allocated.

Someone told me that BBC commentary made reference to 1800 Aberdeen inside the ground - doesn’t tally with the numbers I’ve been hearing, even allowing for large numbers travelling without tickets.