Admins_ I want the following Posters banned immediately

Stephan Quest
Anyone But FF

One last chance for the Runt?

eek - I thought anyone but FF was the new improved rebranded runt?

Maybe best just to cut them both off instead

Admins could well be advised to check the IP addresses of these goons. Mafi/Tassotti is surely the one idiot. Gman/Mac/Pikeman the same.

Let them eat cake

Leave Fran alone TASE.

Right now the Forum is crying out for a CantonasBoot type figure to come in here and end the spamming and clean the house of this vermin

The Dublin Bay Prawn is going to have a meltdown next time hes in.

This could be the best thing to happen your e-persona in a long time TASE. You’ll get plenty of reaction of these boys. Maybe NCC could even make a comeback

I must say the fawning of seasoned posters like WTB to these freaks and talking about the days of yore over on some shithole clarehurling forum where they believe the internet came into being is disgusting.

The Dungeon was invented for times just like this.

It’s a good opportunity for a purge though. All of the above plus Lazarus, Watch the Break and I think TAN might get the site in trouble so him too.

You even have non-entities around here like artfoley asking 'who were you on AFR?'I’m seething about this. It’s time to shut TFK down too.

I was thinking that could be the only option too :popcorn:

This is a very disappointing. I thought edgier Fran was increasing my popularity

Back to the drawing board

What age are you?

Talk about the double standards!

Here pal, you don’t ask the questions around here.

I hope you are top of the Gardai’s paedo list.

Your arm looks very tasty please change your avatar.

[quote=“The All Seeing Eye, post: 711976”]Jedi
Stephan Quest
Anyone But FF
Here lad,do you want my address and call round a fuck me in the arse while your at it!!