Ahoy Bandage

Whats all this I hear about Flano battering you on Friday. I heard you shat yourself when he lunged at you.

We will batter you at Wrestlemania.

Oh when the hints go washing down…

Farmer cant save you from my fookin rage. Im a fookin war machine. I will fookin explode your fookin head all over the place


The Flano/Ox alliance will tear you to shiite


I’ll tear your head off.

You dont want to cross me bucko - Im hard as nails

[quote=“fjkpa”]I’ll tear your head off.

You dont want to cross me bucko - Im hard as nails[/quote]

toenails maybe - ye fuckin ugly cunt

I’ll stab your mother in the face and chop her tits off

No ye won’t ye soft cunt - you couldnt stab her with an electronic stabbing machine on the stabbingest day of your life

I’ll tie a mask around her head, fix a tube to it, put the other end of the tube up my ass and fart into it continously

So what your saying is, you like sticking things up your ass - get out of it ye gay fuck. You’re found out now fuckhead!

I’ll also take a dump right down onto her face

Bandage Celtic are fooking shit. Wahey Mania beat down.

Fookin right Shan. I’ll put on my “killing” cd while we are killing the cunt. I love to listen to that song “One” by Mary J Blige featuring some Irish band called U2, when im killing people

Oi boss i’d say your hard as a rock

Bring him into The Rock or The Steering Wheel or Norbert’s and his handy talk would soon stop dunph…

I dunno puke i’d say he’s a tough cunt. He’s convinced me anyway i can hardly type i’m quivering with fear with what he’ll say to me next.

Are those places full of boggers, Puke? Fooking savages - fooking hungry savages

There would be little or no boggers in those places ball…They wouldn’t take too kindly to american rent boys either…

Come up with some new material (spaz face) cause im an extremely important person and have no time to waste with no marks like you

Do do- do do do-do dooooooooooooo

Booo, bo-bo bo bee doop doop doooooo

Yup yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

yubby dooby dooby


Yes yes yes, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes


The Dunph is a no mark

De de de de dooooooooo be doooooooooooo

No mark

Fookin No mark. Im a header. Get up you pile of piss. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar

Mania beat down for Bandage. Wahey.

Window ledge. Few hints. Wahey. Slurp slurp. Few hints.

Oh when the hints go washing down…

I have a massive banger and its ready to explode all over the place

Knackers out. Hints

Buffet beatdown for Bandage as well. Born in the Usa.