Alien Invasion

Lads looks like there maybe an Alien invasion, probably in Kerry. They were checking the area out on Friday.

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Our lads were on the ball, no fooling them.


The Airforce scared them off, another win for Jim Gavin. :slight_smile:

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Too bad they didn’t make it home from mdh’s inauguration

missed opportunity to use the word gayliens there


It’s grand the aliens are only travelling at Mach 2. I use a mach 3 to shave my face ffs.

Jaysus your in the stone age with your mach 3, its all about Fusion now.

All additional blades beyond three are redundant. FACT.

Mach tried to take on the aliens before but it didn’t work out to well for him.



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At least if ET wants to return home after putting away a few down in the local he won’t be stuck ringing for a lift.

By the sounds of it the lads had a few scoops on board

In fairness extra terrestial’s are already here it’s no surprise Kerry is their Irish base sure the Healy-Raes have been living amongst us for decades.

Amateur hour by the Mick Muldoon’s releasing every bit of information gleaned from different aviation professionals about this unexplained, unusual incident in the sky. You wouldn’t see the Americans do this. Everyone would have been hauled in immediately and threatened with their lives and careers that nothing happened.

The Yanks would be trying to cover up some highly advanced prototype aircraft that Bubba Jefferson III spotted whilst tipping his Cesna around the desert.

Illegal aliens returning to Ireland?

The Yanks would have buried this story as being a hot air balloon by now and nothing more to see.

Will we shove them into Leinster or Munster for the round Robin?
Away game could be tricky enough

Leinster needs them more

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