All England Lawn Tennis Championship 2019

The draw hasn’t been made yet. What if Nadal ends up on Federer’s half of the draw? They’ll be seeded to meet in the semi final then. Federer could then theoretically have to beat Nadal in a semi final and Djokovic in a final. You’re embarrassing yourself now again here on the etiquette and protocol of Grand Slam tournaments. A near 38 year old, semi retired, over the hill, Roger Federer has rattled you to within an inch of your life.

You mean a 37 year old.

Potentially career ending injury. This is the same injury that he had just come back from.

This is the big one. Not some slugfest in the muck.

@Tassotti, as a club member, do you have any input into the seeding process?

Wimbledon is an insidious little old boys club.

Serve and volley crap, the preserve of giraffes.

Reilly Opelka is the bolter to watch at Wimbledon this year.

bog tennis players are rightly pushed down the seeding order when playing proper Tennis

Seeds for The Championships

Seeds for The Championships 2019 will be announced on Wednesday 26 June.

Gentlemen’s Seeding Formula

The seeds are the top 32 players on the ATP ranking list, BUT then rearranged on a surface-based system. Since 2002 a seeding committee has not been required for the Gentlemen’s Singles following an agreement made with the ATP.

The seeding order is determined using an objective and transparent system to reflect more accurately an individual player’s grass court achievements. It is based on giving additional credit for grass court performance in the two year period immediately before the date used for seeding for The Championships. The formula is:

  • Take the ATP Ranking points at 24 June 2019
  • Add 100% of the points earned for all grass court tournaments in the immediate past 12 months period prior to 24 June 2019
  • Add 75% of the points earned for the best grass court tournament in the 12 months prior to that

6ft8 giraffe Kevin Anderson is seeded no 4.

The incorrect, they aid the giraffes on the bog court. 6ft8 giraffe Kevin Anderson has been seeded no 4 for this. 6ft10 giraffe John Isner up to no 9.

As is said guys, the name to remember is Reilly Opelka. A player made for Wimbledon.

What height constitutes a giraffe? Can we list all heights of the players seeded for the tournament.

It was notable how giraffes like Isner, Anderson, Raonic and Kyrgios all skipped the French Open but are ready for Wimbledon. They know their natural habitat.

The notable moves in the seedings were that 6ft8 giraffe and former Wimbledon finalist Kevin Anderson (world no 8) ousted 6ft RG finalist Dominic Thiem out of the top 4. 6ft6 giraffe and former Wimbledon finalist Marin Cilic moved from 18th in the world rankings to 13th in the Wimbledon seeds to secure a top 16 seed spot. 6ft5 giraffe and former Wimbledon finalist Milos Raonic also moved from World no 17 into the top 16 seeds. 6f10 giraffe and former Wimbledon semi finalist John Isner just missed out on a top 8 seed, he moved from 12th in the world to 9th seed at Wimbledon.

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If anything seedings for the Championship should be more heavily weighted on grass court records. What relevance or use is sloshing around in the muck of the clay courts for about 5 months of the year to the definitive examination of all aspects of a players game which the Championship provides?

You might as well just admit giraffes.

Djokovic also agrees that Wimbledon’s insidious seeding system is wrong.

@Tassotti, what do you make of this pair of prima donnas, Djokovic and Nadal, carping about the wonderful seeding system that you and your fellow members at the All England Club operate?

Why don’t they use it for the women? Sexist pig old boys club is what it is.

The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club has been around since 1868 and running the premier competition in tennis since it’s inception in 1877.

This ATP crowd that you are advocating to call the shots for the Championship have only been around since 1972.

I asked a question. Why don’t you answer it?

Why do they not use the same system for women?

I’m not a club member so I’m not privy to that information. Maybe resident club member @Tassotti can help you with your query there. It is a wonderful seeding system though that they operate for the Gentlemen’s Singles.