All Good Things Must Come To An end

Tomorrow will be my last day posting regularly on TFK for the forseeable future:(

Goobye my e-friends it has been a blast…

when are you getting out?
Best of luck with freedom and starting a new life, stay away from the primary schools this time

All the best mate, will be sad you won’t be calling out the Limerick Chipper bluffers going forward.

truth be told I should have left in a blaze of glory after i toppled the Alliance…it was always going to be down hill after that

Best of luck Puke

Cheerio puke

Good luck puke, you will be missed putting lads in their place. That thread with flano calling the guards on you should be bumped in your honour!

did somebody genuinely suggest calling the guards :lol:

gone but not forgotten

All the best horse

you off somewhere mate?

the forum will be worse off without you although the blow is softened by the arrival of skint

the alliance havent gone away you know

Don’t go, Puke. The best poster on TFK other than myself.

As East 17 said in Christmas 1993, Stay Now.

Have fun in Thailand. Maybe read Cusacks book before you go.

Is this some kind of sick joke?

…what are you going to do with the NFL fantasy league Puke? :frowning:

WTF? Puke are you leaving these isles? Ah this is very saddening news all the same.

It was Christmas 1994 FFS and it was Stay Another Day, which there is no point in Pukey doing because nobody posts here on a Saturday anyway.

Ah this is a shame Pukey,whats brought this unfortunate turn of events about?

This place is looking more fucked by the minute, will be busier the way things are going.


Best of luck Puke lad. A grand auld sort. And knowledgeable on the soccerball as well I must say.

Barrup. :pint:


Ruined Oasis Whatever chances of a no.1.