All Hail Aaron Rodgers, a talent like no other

This guy beat the Dallas Cowboys on one leg.

ONE LEG:eek:

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A warrior… Unlike that fucking pussy, Manning. Will he beat Seattle with one leg?

He will surely. He’s the greatest. Puke and @Watchyourtoes and the rest of them have all gone very quiet

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Himself and Brady slugging it out in the big one would be unreal.

Huh? I backed Green Bay and Mr Rodgers to win the Superbowl back in October, pal


Barry Sanders was the best player I ever saw, AR could well be the best active player alright, his movement for the first TD last week was unbelievable.

Hail hail

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Holding onto the ball with one hand after the sack won’t be mentioned but it was winning of game tonight. Truly the greatest

Unreal, he thrives on pressure situations.

The GOAT is here

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I didn’t think peyton had any competition in the modern era, but rodgers has surpassed him.

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Here’s a Christmas treat that I’ve found; a 40 minute conversation between Wisconsin’s two greatest living men - Aaron Rodgers and Justin Vernon of Bon Iver. They discuss things like the foundations of good leadership, dealing with nerves and high performance, therapy, coping with fame, accountability all sorts of cool shit.

Can you imagine if Bill Belichick had Rodgers for a quarterback? I think we had a talk about that previously.

Aaron Rodgers is from Chico, California.


Rodger’s is a bum.


Pal you can’t even head into town to get some shopping done without drinking 8 pints and coming home rotten, I wouldn’t be calling AR a bum no offence.

Happy Christmas to Choco and family, thanks for much enjoyable Internetting this year.

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