All Ireland Hurling Final 2024 - muck savages v rebels

Johnny Murphy confirmed

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FFS. Congrats @ThePuke you bollocks.

Johnny is absolutely BOX OFFICE, a proper pantomime villain. You know what’s coming but you are powerless to prevent it.

Last year I remember he was only doing linesman for Kiladangan v Clonlara in the Munster Club and he walked 30 or 40 yards in to the field at one stage to talk to the ref, and you just knew the fucker meant business and someone was about to walk.

He used to blow for everything, but now appears to have done a 180 and has become a ‘play on’ ref.


Fucking lovely from a neutral point of view. We’ll be treated to some scandalous decisions and possibly an unjustified sending off. Box office drama incoming


You’d think they’d not have it on the Sunday of an All Ireland semi-final.

Wexford man who looks exactly like James Owens.

Johnny could get man of the match from RTE

You just know he’s going to do something mental.

West Limerick football rules only apply.

He isn’t from West Limerick

Yea, but he’s a football referee.

Its been said a few times already but the only apt description for Johnny is proper fucking BOX OFFICE!

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“And Johnny Murphy has adjudged that Patrick Horgan has interfered with the helmet of Conor Cleary and the Corkman has been sent off in what he announced this week will be his final ever game for the Rebels.”

“Sad to see, Cork will have to do it the hard way now, Darragh.”


“6 yellow cards in the first ten minutes must be a record Marty”


Red Card Football GIF by DAZN Belgium

First year the all Ireland winners will have lost two games

Adam Schiff Asterisk GIF by GIPHY News

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Lovely symmetry in a Ballylanders native reffing a final a little over 110 years since a fellow clubman (Frank Dineen) presented the deeds of Croke Park to the GAA. Luimneach Abú



TK at 11 is an uncomfortable match up for Rob Downey. It disrupts cork massively imo.


Lean clearly hogan
Ryan Conlon Mcinerney

Taylor Malone

Fitzgerald. TK. Duggan
Rodgers SOD Reidy

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they need to leave O Donnell and Rodgers inside and go for goals

Cork won two that mattered :smile: