All say congerts

2 people deserve cogrets for different reasons
@ChocolateMice and @carryharry congrets



Well done lads :+1:

Congertulations lads.

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Congerts, is that the new thing now is it?

I’m honered lads. Tanks.

Congertulations lids.

What did CM do anyway? He finally finished posting flyers?

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I’d like to know what my I am congertulating them for?

Princess is up the duff.

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@Joe_Player doesn’t miss a trick

He’s on the ball alright

FFS @ChocolateMice you’ll never get her back to Limerick now

no she is not @ChocolateMice

@ChocolateMice no she is not

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no @ChocolateMice she is not

Joe’s protesting a lot here, would you be the father Joe?

no she is @ChocolateMice not