Alright Sort of the Year - 2018


We’d run off here in a matter of minutes.


Maybe- but Jordan Peterson has plenty of fans. Sowell has a similar approach to a different subject.


john creedon


Mary McAleese


Kevin Kilbane, terrible co commentator but decent fella


Richard Dunne


Eddie Jones


Peter O’Mahony




john creedon


Do you follow JC on twitter?
A wonderful wonderful man


Whoever is in charge of tg4 sport. Some service given this weekend.


Puts rte to shame


Youd still have the odd ungrateful bollocks giving out the comms not in english or the camera is at the wrong angle.

Thats the way its gone now i suppose


They have no shame. Don’t give a shit.


Too busy protecting their salaries


They were on air for 7 hours yesterday, yet managed to miss the decisive score in the Tipperary-Limerick game. Their ineptitude is very endearing though.


How do they put rte to shame? Rte show what people want


Wooly last week in his podcast was doing exactly what u describe


You dont need to stray as far as Woolie for that behaviour pal