Alright sort of the Year Heat 1

Poll will close on midday on Saturday.

Judges’ decision is final

There will be three more heats taking place this afternoon

The vote is Public!

Who are the judges?

Myself, Liam Flag and Fukov Yeekuntz

[quote=“chewy louie, post: 647341”]

Myself, Liam Flag and Fukov Yeekuntz[/quote]

Can’t say fairer than that. :clap:

A public vote? I have nothing to hide, there is no more alright sort in this heat than hooperman, but strange nonetheless surely?

As it is alrights sorts we are voting for I felt transparancy was necessary, these are all good guys and there is nothing to hide. It will also allow us to ridicule those who waste their vote like farmer has just done

I had forgotten who judge seamus hughes was exactly, I stand over my vote nonetheless.

Can I please remind voters who may have forgotten that Judge Seamus Hughes is the man who said, when referring to a thief before his court:

Judge Hughes told the man, who had pleaded guilty: 'It takes a Mayo man to put an end to that sort of thing.
‘And I’m not talking about myself. I’m talking about the venerable Padraig Nally.’

:clap: :clap:

From looking at the random draw it looks as though Heat 7 is going to be the pool of death. some heavy hitters in that one

Hooperman has his day in the sun the season before the one just gone. His alright sortedness wore off a long, long time ago.

John Stokes. :clap:

The public vote is most extraordinary

Anyone who pisses Keane off is an alright sort.

What was Alan Hughes’ claim to fame?

Serious spread of votes already. This could be very very tight.

Something one of the nominees cant be called.

Judge Seamus Hayes looking good for a final spot here

Voted for McGuinness before I saw Stokes. Considered Ballagh too. Very strong heat.

I would think the support form the Wigan ticket lady here has vindicated my decision not to let the Walkers Leprauchaun name onto the ballot

Judge Seamus Hughes is through to the final