Alright sort of the Year - Heat 2

Poll will also close on midday on Saturday.

Judges’ decision is final

There will be two more heats taking place this afternoon

The vote is Public!

Some of these were obviously joke candidates.

Ah FFS. I think I’ll be abstaining here, or else Chewy and Sid may have gotten their lists mixed up.

Two Oulart candidates in the one thread? What gives?

That’s a desperate heat in all fairness

Nulled. A shitehawk of a heat.

What’s with CM voting for the SF candidates :lol:

Please refer to the Alright sort of the Year 2011 thread, all were niminated, why someone would nominate someone as an Alright sort for a joke is beyond me

This public voting thing is an affront to democracy.

Friend of the forum Pat Dolan should walk this heat :clap:

Why is Johnny Doyle perceived or nominated as an alright sort?

Lets hope so. :clap:

If Pat Dolan doesn’t win this after everthing he’s been through with TFK then we need to close this place down forever.

Nice to see the Carkies sticking together anyways.

Who the fuck is NJ Cat that voted for JBM?

Was about to post the same thing!

They apparently work for New Jersey Pharmaceutical :lol:

Pat Dolan should have enough about him to make it out of this heat

Dolan the only one worth considering here.

I’m a born again republican …

Pat Dolan is through to the final