Amazon Cunts

Any of ye use this site? I’ve just signed up to it and i might buy a few books off it. Is it any good? I see some of the books can be bought second-hand for fuck all (excluding delivery costs of course).

The few times Ive used it Ive had no problems. The delivery costs would put me off using it though. has free delivery on everything.

Can you not buy a couple of books at the same time and therefore they’d all be delivered for the same price in the one package? Or does it not work like that. Say for example i want to buy three books: 0.01 cent, 2.55 and 19.55, will they each incur delivery costs?

I think if you want them together it costs less. If one book is in stock and you want to get that one but the other two werent then you get charged more. It is shocking what they charge regardless.

Make sure you buy from and not .com obviously.

Try Abe Books as well if you’re looking to source harder to get stuff.

Amazon are a fantastic service. I’ve been buying stuff off them for as along as I can remember. Fantastic customer service. May be a bit more expensive than other places at times but worth it due to the how they treat their customers.

I’d also be a fan of, I’ve bought stuff off Amazon before but not very much.

The delivery charge is by book as they send the books out separately depending on where they’re warehoused and what’s in stock. is a decent one, and free delivery too.

Mate of mine over in England was telling me a number of days ago there was an offer to take out Amazon prime for one year for £60. Anyone know if there’s a similar offer here? Sounds like good value. Free home day delivery whenever you want as quickly as possible, sometimes same day. Also get the TV stuff they’re producing, but i don’t know if it is very appealing. Anyone happy with their TV offering? Man in the high castle looked appealing possibly.

I’m on Prime but the benefits are pretty limited this side of the water, none of the quick delivery stuff applies for a start. Even the TV programmes are restricted.

This wanker Bezos or whatever his name is looking to take over the world… he wants his own plane service, drones that deliver parcels backed up with a delivery service run the same way as Uber and wiping out UPS and the likes. He has bought into food and water companies and is developing space travel…don’t engage with him


How times change. A mere 8 years ago

I was talking about it here a few weeks, back my brother uses it daily in states. If you can get same day delivery well worth it. Doubt it’s a runner here though.

You can get free delivery on most stuff here if you spend over 25 quid and it’s part of their prime/free delivery in UK offering (even if not a member of prime). Makes it a decent option for buying bigger ticket stuff when the stg is weak e.g. I bought a strimmer, a power washer and few more bits like that off it. Would be too expensive if you had to pay for shipping

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Anyone using Prime?

Mrs Croppy signed up for the free trial and forgot to end i before the month was over.

How do you get it to show you the UK shows rather than the Irish one. I haven’t had a look at it at all but was going to set it up tonight.

Is this Prime you’re talking about? It’s a bit meh from an Irish address still, no access to a lot of the better shows.

Yup. Can you fool it into thinking you’re in the UK?

I think you can alright, but someone else will have to tell you how

You should ask @Tassotti for advice on that one


Plenty of lads up your way should be able to sort that for you