American Alliance of Football (AAF)


Starts next week —

@Chucks_Nwoko - can we make money on it?


Trent Richardson and Bishop Sankey :grin:

All its missing is Tebow


San Antonio Commanders @ 5s is like finding it on the ground.


Atlanta Legends offensive coordinator is Michael Vick … I think that’s the forum’s team sorted.


Dungeon this fucking shit.


Just put it on ignore, brah.



“Dexter McDougall Johnny on the spot”


Seems like an interesting concept which was well received. Pretty much a developmental/summer league for those on the periphery. Some decent rule tweaks which might find their was into the NFL in years to come.

Interestingly enough, the XFL which launches next year has said that players will not have to have three years of college eligibility to play in their league. Doubt anyone who has serious pro aspirations will be leaving college to play XFL but I assume there will be some who will go for that rather than dropping to junior college in order to get back to a top college program.


What are those tweaks?


No kick offs and no extra points after touchdowns. So every touchdown is followed by 2 point conversion.

Onside kicks no longer possible but team can attempt a 4th and 12 from their own 28 (or something similar) after scoring to try and keep the ball.

They also had access to the replay booth similar to video refs in other sports giving more insight into challenges and reviews


The AAF had better ratings at the weekend than the NBA :smile:


Anyone showing it this side? Saw a few giving out about ticket prices, crowds in arizona were poor anyway


Free on Facebook — And on NFL network via IPTV


The ratings weren’t great on the Sunday sadly.