An Bainisteoir

Welcome aboard sir…A few questions for you

How many points did you get in the leaving

Grainne or Sile Seoige

If a Black man jumped up on your back would you let him ride you or pull him off???

Glancy Carrick, is he the best half back in Leitrim ??

Babs or Richie Bennis???

I’ve got two words for this banister fella.

Fuck off.


Good man Puke!!



probably fall back and crush him with 20 stone.

No interest in Leitrim, they pose no threat to my county. :smiley: They maybe the only county that dont. :frowning:

Babs for me.

Who is this Flano twit?


btw that’s a cracking avatar Puke…

Ah your getting the run of the place already, brilliant.

Padraid Nally or Frog Ward?
Justin or The Players?
Jammy Dodgers or Wagon Wheels?
Oasis or Blur?

Hmm they are tough ones.

Padraig Nally

The players.


Cant stand either of those bands

Steak - rare, medium or well done?

Glasgow Celtic - Wonderful football club of the Irish Diaspora or scottish back-water also rans?

Dubs - wankers or wankers?

Curry Cheese Chips - Yae or Nae?

Here what the fuck is going on here? This place is the dirtiest I’ve ever seen it, it needs a serious cleaning.

Steak - rare

no interest in celtic

Dubs - favourites for All Ireland and all round good sports, unlike Cork.


You’ll make plenty friends on here.

Plenty of dubs on here then? :smiley:

What is the story with this Flano person, does he talk shite all the time?

An Bainisteoir:

Shelbourne Aston or Boavista?

If i am being forced to pick I would have to say Shelbourne.

Did you think it was a choice between 3 clubs? B)


Sorry my original was wrong,

The choice was between 2 real football clubs and 1 one wanna be club. or 3 grey hound tracks.

:o :o

Not interested.

I’m off to set up my own forum.