An Irish Sporting Legend Retires

Kerry footballer Darragh Ó Sé has confirmed his retirement from inter-county football.

Ó Sé has been a member of the Kerry squad since 1994, winning six All-Ireland titles and being named an All Star three times.

Speaking on An Saol ó Dheas today on RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta, Ó Sé said that he is looking forward to being able to spend more time with his wife Amy and his family.

Ó Sé admitted that it would be difficult to be in the audience for the big matches and not on the field, but was confident that Kerry had a very strong team and that they would continue to do well into the future and wished them all the best.

One of the greats of any era. A joy to watch. That he never won footballer of the year still baffles, he deserved it the year Donaghy got the nod, but no matter.

“sporting” legend

for fucks sake MBB :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

This didn’t need its own thread and should have been kept to the Cork/south-west Ireland GAA thread.


id imagine he was disliked by many but i had a soft spot for the man. gave plenty of belts but took them also and he absolutely hated those cork cunts by all accounts and thats no bad thing either.
15 years playing for kerry, some man.

He wasn’t clean by any matter of means, and anyone who would like to think he was is a fool, but you don’t survive 15 years at the very top without a bit of nous. He gave it and took it, and made no apologies, but he was supremenly talented too, kicking points on the run off either foot.

6 All Ireland Medals in the modern era is some haul. In the top 3 of footballers I’ve had the pleasure to witness.

A dirty thug who, like his team mates, couldn’t hack it when faced with the superior footballing ability of Tyrone.

:smiley: Its a good colour on you. The response I expected from you.

Oi Sid, this is the Darragh O’Se thread. I believe Ciaran Whelan got his own thread when he retired so you keep your comments regarding him to that.


Sporting legend :unsure: Define sporting and legend for me…

Sporting - To Play Sport.

Legend - 6 All Ireland Medals.

Sporting + Legend = Darragh O Sé. :clap:

I thought that was what sporting meant. It hasn’t been used correctly in this instance.

All Ireland? What does that mean?

Its like a World Series, or a Superbowl. Sorry flano, I can’t define it any clearer for you. Perhaps this thread is not for you?

No. When you win a World Series or Superbowl you become a champion of the World.

The World Series isn’t champions of the world you dumbass, it is champion of USA and Canada…It is called the world series because its first sponsor was a newpaper called the World


The new York Yankees are World Champs. I was only in their fucking stadium a few weeks back and it has “World Champs” signs and banners all over the Stadium. I bout a baseball with the words World Champs 2009. World Champs I said. A World Champ is a World Champ. They are World Champions. World Champs

Gaelic football is played competitively in more countries around the world than American football. If you win the Super Bowl you are just a national sports champion.