Andy Murray


By the Irvine Welch has really gotten into this tennis on twitter

@WelshIrvine: Djoker stays cool. His ringpiece could crack a walnut.”


wonderfull serve


6-5 to the Great British and Irish lion.


Ooofffttt. Tiebreak time.


And again, scum.


Fucking Serbian birds :guns:


Napred Nole!!!


Can you feel it?

Brit Boy has lost his bottle.


1 set all. See you in twenty minutes or so, chaps.


What a tennis battle this has been so far. I cant recall a better Aus Open Final in recent years.

Nicely poised at one set all.




I’m worried how Andy injury is starting to affect him.


Andrew Murray is a Braveheart though. Never forget how he and his army defeated the English at Stirling Bridge on September 11th, 1297. This isn’t over.


What a ratty little prick this loser murray is.


Murray complaining about the crowd. Coward.


I’m watching Roma now but I’m not surprised to read Murray is acting like a classless cunt. How else would you expect a classless cunt to act?


Disgraceful antics by the crowd shouting out as Andy was serving at 30-40.

1-1 in sets won fairly.

2-1 to Novak in actual sets.


Everything Murray has won is owed to steroids.


What a fucking half volley. Massive hold for Muzza. :clap:


I really like Djokovic but I wish he’d just fuck off here.

Saves a break point and holds.