Andy Murray


tennis on grass -FFS

and i talk as a member of a LT&CC


9-9 in the final set tie-break decider here against Raonic.


Murray the magnificent. :clap:

11-9 to the world number 1.


Murray takes the first set against Djokovic in the battle for the number 1 spot.


The best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.


Ah here I wouldn’t go that far. Thought he was going to loose the second set there when djokovic started coming back.


A great man, a great sportsman and no doubt a wonderful husband and son. I can only imagine the joy Judy is feeling tonight.


Sir Andrew Murray

Richly deserved knighthood.



Unfortunate news. Poor lad can’t even put his shoes and socks on without being in pain and his style of play wouldn’t help. I thought this was on the cards when I read about him struggling in practice and in the watm up matches he played for the Australian open.


He’s one tedious dour drip. He’ll do some crying over this.


a very nice fella, I’d often bump into him Waitrose and he’d give me advice on my backhand, the sort of fella who’d take a great interest and listen to you


Will be behind Nadal, Djokovic, Federer and Wawrinka in his era.


nandrolone nadal? you are having a laugh mate


Nadal is an icon for clean tennis.

It’s PEDerer who never misses a tournament through injury.


My thoughts are with Judy at this time


A clear 4th best but a great player all the same




The Pretend IRA/Scotland soccer types don’t like Scottish tennis players.


He even supports the most Irish team in Scotland