Andy Murray


I was very emotional watching Andy break down in that press conference.

I absolutely love the guy.


A Scottish tennis legend


Its a tough watch. Any of you sensitive types will need a box of man size tissues. :slight_smile:


will always be remembered for the feather incident

how mentally brittle was that


A clear case of blaming something or someone else for your own shortcomings.That’s the second thing I have in common with Andy (a mulldoon mullet being the other).


Lovely piece on LBC now with people reminiscing over their favourite Andy Murray moments


Andy Murray is a thoroughly alright sort.

What a career, what a guy. :clap:


He has gone for the hip resurfacing surgery now so he wont be playing wimbledon.


Some knacker will do that for cheap, always up for a bit of resurfacing


And he won’t be able to chase him when he does a runner.


After making a big hullabaloo about retiring.


Well he did say that there was no guarantee this would work, so he may still be retiring.


He will be back. He was just being his usual hysterical self.



Or maybe you can tell us who this 5th force is who’s bettered Sir Andy’s haul of 2 Championship wins, 3 Grand Slam wins from 11 final appearances, 14 Masters Series wins from 21 final appearances and 45 ATP single tournament wins from 67 final appearances.


bet he says Stan?


Wawrinka has won 3 Grand Slams, the same as Sir Andy but he never won the Big One, the Championship. 4 Grand Slam Final appearances to Sir Andy’s 11.

One solitary Masters Series win (from 4 finals) to Sir Andy’s 14 Masters Series wins (from 21 finals)

16 ATP tour wins (from 28 finals) to Sir Andy’s 45 ATP tour wins (from 67 finals).


I have no problem with Murray being classed in the top 4. He was as consistent as the other 3, didn’t have the talent to win as much as them. The way I look at it is there is the top 3, then Murray, then Stan and then the rest.


Wawrinka has won slams at the French, Australian and US Opens. Murray has only won at two different opens and two of them were niche Bog Tennis.


@GeoffreyBoycott I told ya didn’t I. :rofl: Now I know @Cicero_Dandi is just a WUM. To realistically think that Wawrinka is/was better and more consistent that Murray is madness or stupidity.

You also forgot Murray’s 2 Olympic Gold Medals and a silver one as well.


I’ve posted up the respective records of Sir Andy and Wawrinka. They speak for themselves. The contradictions of @Cicero_Dandi are in full sight for everyone once again.