Andy Weatherall Appreciation Thread

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the greatest essential mix of all time, bar none


Poor man’s David Weatherall

This is a fine idea for a thread. Well done @Il Bomber Destro
When I get time I will post up Smokebelch II by the Sabres of Paradise.

That’s who I thought this thread was about. Could do with him in the back four now couldn’t they

Not sure a lad in his late 40s is much use to any team now

Flowered Up - Weatherall’s Weekender

My Bloody Valentine - Soon (Andy Weatherall Remix)


Jono Ma is the new Andy Weatherall.

I can’t see a thread for the untimely passing of this legend. What an inspirational producer and DJ.

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‘‘Twas on the celeb deaths. We gave him a good send off. I played the Dixie Narco EP on the record player that night.

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so many memories

all happy

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Friend of a friend knew him well. Said he was a very sound chap.

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he wasn’t in it for the money, he loved the music, he could have went like Oakenfold and cleaned up

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This is hard bettered.