Annoying Office Jargon - Part III


Plenty of “pork-barrel projects” in this new programme for government, chaps.


Someone is going to circle back to me on Monday. I’m not sure of the significance of the shape involved rather then them just talking to me.


Took part in a conference call today, technology is really amazing, any of you spud gobblers familiar with them? I’d be very surprised if ye had, England is such an amazing country in so many ways


Welcome to 15 years ago.


Jaysus he’ll be using "the Skype " next


Or a fax machine







Thanks bud
Erin go bragh


I took a video call in the shed yesterday. 2 screens filled up with bodies from India, China, Poland and Ireland… the ould fella came over to borrow the strimmers and stuck he’s head in.

Look at this I said, I explained that I could talk and every cunt would see and hear me. So that’s why your wearing your Sunday shirt over jeans and wellingtons so he said. Got a lovely bit of strimming done at lunchtime yesterday.


Unreal, working from home is the only way, you can control your diet a lot better too, there are so many advantages, I had racing UK on all day in the backround and I had two laptops and ad a desktop on the go, not a bother on me. Unreal, I have to go out now today and deal with normal scum


Do you ever use that telepresence yoke?


whats that?

This app is simply called MOVI. Its cut out a power of needless international travel since they have rolled it out in the past 2 to 3 years.


It’s a yoke where you sit opposite a wall of TV screens and have video calls. It’s like a virtual meeting room. I’ve used it in Uk it probably won’t be in Oireland for another ten years.


we are saving the environment here, it something I am thinking of get into now, in fact from today on I am a campaigner for environmental issues


yeah, this is the same.


yeah, we’ve had that here for years, there’s no point having stuff like that in Ireland anyway, the telecommunication set up in Ireland is like something you’d see in Cuba in the 1950’s


So why are you making conference calls ?


You could start by not blowing so much shite out your hole,it’ll cut down on the methane


i was involved in a "drive by " earlier
walking out the door with this gimp and a japaneese fella sitting in the reception, Gimp says to me, “oh yeah BTW mickee321, this is Nakato-san our new developer”, “kunichi-wah” says i and he gives me his little bow,
onwards we go and the gimp says to me, “ok mickee321 this was just a quick drive by, we’;ll do a proper meet n’ greet tomorrow”, i continued on in silence thinking should i back Turkey to beat Spain in a few weeks…

i threw out a beauty myslef this morning, some bird asking me about some data that i considered bull shit,
i responded with " i take your point but i consider this to be a nice to have and not exactly mission critical right now… she went on her way with tea in her mug as they would say on here